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Fleur Delacour

Lunch with Aveline--June 1st

Fleur Delacour

Blue Fleur

Lunch with Aveline--June 1st

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Genuine smile
“Fleur, you know Babette is going to be furious when she finds out about all this, don’t you?” Aveline’s comments are extremely irritating, but I know that she speaks the truth, no matter how maddening that truth may be.

“And ‘ow is she going to find out, you will not tell ‘er, will you?” Her admission does strike a chord of fear in my heart. I spear a sliced cucumber with my fork as I sit across from Aveline, who rests in the large chair behind her desk. She swallows a long gulp of spring water before she answers me.

“Great Goddess, no,” she responds quickly. “I would never run to her and tell her about you and Bill, or about your vows. You know me better than that.” She chews thoughtfully on a mouthful of greens. “But you’re lying to yourself if you think she’s not going to find out soon enough. You know your mother. She knows and sees everything in the end.”

“Oui, I know,” I admit. “I am not so concerned about ‘er reaction to Bill. After all, she ‘as not spoken to me since she found out I was seeing ‘im again.” I sigh, a little disappointed to not be able to share my recent happiness about the man I adore with my beloved mother. “She is very stubborn. Look at ze way she ‘as cut Gabrielle, ‘er angel, from ‘er life.” I stare at the small tomato in my salad, a flash of red on a sea of verdant green. “Ze baby, do you think eet will ‘ave red ‘air like ze rest of zem?”

“What?” She looks at me, an expression of confusion on her face and I motion toward her stomach. “Oh!” She smiles and laughs. “Yes, as a matter of fact, it most likely will, at least according to Charlie.” She rubs her blossoming stomach with one of her hands. “He says that there has never been a Weasley child born without flaming red hair. You’ll find out for yourself soon enough.” She gestures to me and laughs, “The way you say you and Bill have been going at it since Christmas, you’ll be next, I’m afraid.”

I force a smile and calm casualness at her comment. Yes, one would think the way Bill and I have been at each other for the past six months…

“Well, since I am not with child at ze moment,” I brush her observation and my concerns aside for the moment, “Zen I would like to study as much as I can for ze Veela Vows. Take zem before I become pregnant. In fact, I would very much like to take ze vows before remarrying. Even zough she will not speak to me, I made a promise to my mozzer zat I would do zis, and I must. I must do eet before ze marriage or I fear I will never finish zem.”

Aveline silently studies me. “Then you know it’s going to be a great deal of work on your part, don’t you? Bill doesn’t seem like the kind of man who wants to wait long. I won’t lie to you, Fleur, the Veela magic, it requires effort and dedication to master.” She reaches up and scratches the side of her dark brown hair. “Have you given any thought about who will guide you through the actual ceremony? That is traditionally the place that the mother of the neophyte takes, but since you and Babette have had a falling out, I don’t know.”

“I intend to seek ze advice of ze Elders in ze matter and let zem decide.”

“That is probably the most wise decision you could make,” she begins, “But you forget one thing…Babette IS one of the Elders.”

“Actually,” I reply, “I ‘ave considered zis already. I am going to send an Owl to my mozzer to tell ‘er of my intentions beforehand. So zere will be no surprises for ‘er.”

The only thing to be heard in the silent office is our breathing. Oddly enough, the rest of the Auror department has grown strangely quiet for this lunchtime.

“You don’t think she would try to prohibit you from taking the Vows, do you?” Aveline asks with an expression of sincerity and concern on her face.

“I ‘ope not,” I whisper meekly in reply as I stare at a spot in the center of Aveline’s desk. Then I breathe deeply. “But I will ‘ave to deal with zat when and if ze time comes.” I begin to gather the leftovers of my lunch. “And in ze meantime, Aveline, will you ‘elp me with ze studies, tutor me? With both you and Gabrielle to assist me in ze lessons, I can accomplish my goals much more quickly.”

“And not make Bill stand too long at the altar waiting for you to finish?” she chides cheerfully.

“Oui,” I smile back at her, “You of all women should know zat eet is not good to keep a Weasley man waiting!”
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