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Fleur Delacour

I am good looking enough for the both of us, I theenk!

21 June
"I need a place where I can shout and weep. I have to be a Spanish savage at some time of the day. I record here the hysteria life causes in me. The overflow of an undisciplined extravagance. To hell with taste and art, with all contractions and polishings. Here I shout, I dance, I weep, I gnash my teeth, I go mad--all by myself, in bad English, in chaos. It will keep me sane for the world and for art."
--Anais Nin--October 27, 1933

My biography since the summer of 1997:

Well, Bill Weasley and I obviously get married the summer of 1997. We wait until August, when his injuries, the ones he suffered at the hands of the savage Fenrir Greyback are finally healed. Bill’s scars remain, but that never deters my love for him. We live in bliss for an all too short time; my life is never happier than when I am his wife. We are so close…I love him so.

But our happiness is short-lived. The summer after our wedding my father, Gerald Delacour, a wealthy international businessman, dies suddenly and mysteriously, which devastates me. A few short months later Bill divorces me. The divorce takes me just as unexpectedly as Père’s death. I guess I should realize this when we start to fight so often after my father’s death. Terrible, awful arguments. It seems he is unhappy not being out in the field, curse-breaking, like he did before we started dating. He is a fool where I am concerned. Then there are the problems brought about by all the changes Bill undergoes after his horrid attack. He has so much trouble adjusting and accepting himself and I wish that he would confide in me, but alas, he does not, and so our marriage fails.

And so I spend the next three years alone, building my career at Gringott’s and rebuilding my life into a quiet one. Of course, I retain the lovely country cottage that Bill and I once called home but I am indeed alone. By the summer of 2001 I have finally become my own woman but I am still tormented by lingering feelings for Bill as well as the frustrations inflicted upon me by my mother, Babette Delacour, in her quest to control my life. After a terrible accident while breaking curses in Africa, Bill returns to England in order to recuperate. I vacation in the French Riviera at my Mère’s beautiful villa and enjoy spending time with her, my sister Gabrielle, and my ‘adopted’ sister Aveline Rousseau. Mère and Gabrielle move to England from France when my mother purchases an extravagant mansion she names Faerie Ridge. She holds a gala ball in her new home in celebration of the move, inviting the very wealthy and well-bred of the Wizarding World. Bill escorts me to this party and he and I end up sleeping together that night, but the next morning I am insultly that he would take such advantage of me and Bill and I argue once more and part on bad terms. For some unknown reason the stinking animal goblins sack me from Gringott’s.

September 2001 is a very busy month for me. I find a new job working for Alastor Moody at the Ministry of Magic, who recruits me for a rescue team to find Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. Bill is not very pleased (I think my ex-husband may be a bit overprotective and chauvinistic). During the mission I break my ankle. Gabrielle takes her Veela vows and nearly dies thereafter of a broken heart when she and Fred Weasley part. But they are reunited and Gabrielle recovers.

As October arrives Bill and I still have difficulty letting go of the past, we care so much for each other, but sometimes love alone just is not enough. In the aftermath of our second parting I meet and become involved with Healer Patrick Meagher. While I am with Paddy, Bill begins to see another as well, a young woman by the name of Patricia Stimpson. And oh, by the way, I become the spokes model for Fred and George Weasley’s business, which grows by leaps and bounds with my representation.

As the Christmas season arrives Paddy and I drift apart . It seems that Bill encounters the same dilemma with his woman as well. But as December comes to a close, Bill and I reunite at a Christmas party given by Bill’s brothers, the Weasley twins.

2002 sees Bill and I together and happy, happier than I have been in years. Bill moves back into our cottage and we are closer than we ever were when we were married. Oh, Bill and I still have the occasional tiff, but we are getting along famously for the most part. Unfortunately, my Mère does not take the news of our reunion we and she cuts me out of her life. I find out that she had a similar reaction to learning of Gabrielle’s relationship with Fred. By April I suspect that Bill may be wanting to return to the excitement of curse-breaking. Bill and I have a terrible public fight that ends up in the Daily Prophet.

The rest of my story is in ginger_and_snow...